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The March Press publishes books of poetry, art, memoir, literature, philosophy, and the humanities that are both personal and critical in nature and speak to the heart and mind. 

Our first title, A Breathed Yes, is a compilaton of Selected Poems, 1956- 2017, by Marsie Scharlatt, and Selected Art, 1957-1992, by her sister, the late artist Hannah Wilke. Conceived by Wilke in the 1970s as a collaboration between the sisters, the book was realized by Scharlatt in 2017, many years after Wilke's death, and includes fifty-one poems by Scharlatt and thirty-six color images of Wilke drawings and paintings.


A Breathed Yes can be ordered from The March Press and at Amazon.com. It is also available at Artbook, Los Angeles; Arcana Books, Culver City, CA; Grolier Poetry Bookshop, Cambridge, MA; and Alison Jacques Gallery, London. The March Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.


Information about readings, book signings, and future publications will be announced on the website. 

Kindly direct all inquiries to editor@themarchpress. We will respond in a timely way.

The March Press does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

"tongues in trees and books in the running brooks..."

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